Yoga is an ancient practice that was developed to unite the body and mind. There are many different styles of Yoga - it can be active and intense, and it can be relaxing and meditative. All styles include poses, stretches and mindful breathing. Regardless of the style of yoga you practice, it can help you increase flexibility, build strength, improve balance, focus your mind, and refresh your spirit. When you practice yoga, it’s dedicated time for you time to tune inward. Nothing off your yoga mat matters for that hour – it’s just your body and breath.
Yoga is great for everyone, from people in middle school just beginning in sports, to career athletes, to seniors striving to get and stay active. Our instructors will help you adapt your practice to your fitness level and goals. The bottom line is this – if you have a body, you need yoga!

Yoga may be right for you if your goals include any of the following:

  • Building strength and stamina
  • Building lung capacity
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Improving balance and stability
  • Increasing flexibility, range of motion, and mobility
  • Strengthening the mind/body connection
  • Achieving mental clarity
  • Relieving tension or stress

How does yoga work?

When people think of yoga, they may imagine an easy stretching routine and question if it’s possible to get a good workout in a yoga class. The simple answer is yes! You can get a great workout with yoga. When you get into a position and hold it, you’re strengthening muscles. When you’re actively flowing through a sequence of poses, you’re building endurance and cardiovascular fitness. When you’re practicing balance poses, you’re increasing core strength and focus.
At Kingwood Fitness, we offer several different styles of yoga. Try the many options we offer to find the yoga practice that works for you. Here are a few types of yoga that we practice at Kingwood Fitness:


This is a gentle yoga that focuses on balancing the mind and body. This style of yoga is generally slower with a focus on breathing techniques. Hatha yoga uses more static posture holds which build strength. Poses are held for multiple breaths to allow depth.


With this style, the goal is building strength and endurance with a focus on structural alignment and precision. Postures are held for longer times than with other styles of yoga, which allows your muscles to relax and lengthen, while allowing your mind to unwind. This yoga uses various props to train and support a wide range of students.It’s great for all levels of fitness.


This style of yoga encourages you to turn inward and tune into your mind and the sensations in your body. Yin yoga focuses on stretching and lengthening your connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, joints) by slowing down and holding poses for a longer period. You’ll practice breathing through discomfort and being with your thoughts. your core. It provides a comprehensive, full-body workout.

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Why Choose Kingwood
Fitness for Yoga?

In addition to yoga, when you join Kingwood Fitness you have access to a full gym and all our other group fitness classes.
While most gyms are just a place you go to work out, Kingwood Fitness is a community of supportive people that will soon become your friends. Having a supportive group of people around you helps turn a healthy activity into a healthy habit.
While many gyms and studios in the area offer yoga, you’ll get extra benefits when you have a membership at Kingwood Fitness. Because we are an independent gym, our instructors have the freedom to develop unique classes that are not scripted. This allows you to experience a range of yoga styles and techniques. We offer a variety of yoga classes at various times of the day. Unlimited classes are included with every membership, and you don’t need to reserve a spot in class. Many classes are available in the gym and on Zoom for your convenience.

About Our Yoga Instructors

All yoga instructors at Kingwood Fitness are certified in yoga instruction and have years of experience teaching. To learn more about a specific instructor, visit our About Us page.